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Even in winter Paris offers manygreat markets where you can shop like any Parisian: choose an air jordan cement 3 88
, a gourmet tour in Aligre and Bastille or a food tour in the Latin quarter . If you love cooking, experience our air jordan future low 38 special handgun
and discover the warm interior of a private apartment.

gourmet tour in Aligre and Bastille food tour in the Latin quarter Private Gourmet Tour

Paris is the place to be for pastry and chocolate lovers. Wherever you are wandering, you will find a traditional bakery offering flaky croissant, a brand new trendy pastry shop or meet an artisan making his own chocolates. Follow us in one of our sweet tours and get ready to savourthe finest sweets you ever had .

pastry and chocolate lovers. our sweet tours to savourthe finest sweets you ever had

My friend, her son, my 2 daughters and I went to Madam Aurelie's house for a french pastry class. The kids are 7, 8 9 in ages. They were able to engage all the kids into(...)

Our chocolate and pastry tour was one of the highlights of our recent trip to Paris. We came home with wonderful memories about strolling with you in and out of the chocolate(...)

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Succulent Paris is the story our long friendship. We started Succulent Paris10 years ago with a mutual desire to share our passion for cooking and our attachment to the Parisian way of living.

our passion for cooking our attachment to the Parisian way of living.

10 years after, we keep enjoying every minute of this succulent and Parisian adventure : to share our obsession for the best food, to search the best gourmet places in Paris, to cook with guests from all over the world and to meet new food friends and have fun !

10 years after, we keep enjoying every minute of this succulent and Parisian adventure

Poised to Flourish

TRÈS OUI Austin, Texas

....Pop songs straight from the foul rag and bone shop of the heart....

Contact TRÈS OUI

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Though reliably sharp-witted, Macdonald makes his reputation as a coarse anti-intellectual. In this set, when you expect his next word will be “intelligence” or “information,” Macdonald goes instead for the untutored-sounding “smartness.” He insists that at gatherings he steers toward anyone he can find to “talk about Jughead comics for a couple hours” and indeed Macdonald claims before winding up the show, “Nothing I’ve said really is of substance.”

However, this carefully projected obtuseness hides another Macdonald who is indeed an avid reader, especially of classic literature. His parents were teachers, and Macdonald frequently cites Tolstoy as his favorite author. Last year he casually dropped air jordan retro 3 blue powder jessica
of Nikolai Gogol’s “The Overcoat” into a text message exchange with an interviewer . Writing in The Week , Lili Loofbourow described Macdonald’s own book Based on a True Story as a story “pretending hard” not to be ambitious but called it an “experiment in hyperliterary comedy” filled with “difficult beauty” and “waves of lyricism,” comparing the faux-memoir to both Vladimir Nabokov’s Speak, Memory and Pale Fire .

Likewise in Hitler’s Dog , Macdonald tangles with Friedrich Nietzsche (“That which does not kill you makes you weaker , and will probably kill you the next time it shows up”) and Albert Camus (“Imagine if you woke up and you realized you were wrong about everything”) and enters at one point into a treatise on figurative language, claiming to distrust metaphors because of their lack of reciprocal correspondence between dual real-world and imaginary meanings: “I like the ones where the metaphor part is true and the literal part is true.” In so doing he sounds a lot like George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in the 1980 critical theory classic Metaphors We Live By : “Conventional metaphor … pervades our conceptual system and is a primary mechanism for understanding—put[s] us at odds with the contemporary views of language, meaning, truth, and understanding.”

Imagine you are sitting on an asteroid in deep space and you have a friend who has a spaceship that can travel at 99% the speed of light. Yes, this is physically impossible for a host of reasons, but bear with me for now. Out of boredom you decide to challenge your friend to a race — their spaceship vs. a beam of light. Your friend agrees, but you have to give them a small head start.

Shortly after the race begins, your friend is moving away from your asteroid at 99% of the speed of light when you send out the beam of light to race alongside them. From your perspective on the asteroid, you will see the beam of light pass your friend’s spaceship like a faster car passing a slower car on a freeway. After all, 100% the speed of light is faster than 99% the speed of light. However, what will your friend experience on their spaceship?

You might think that your friend will also see the light beam pass them like a slightly faster car on a freeway, but this is incorrect. Your friend will see the light beam pass them at the speed of light . Why? Physicists discovered that the speed of light is constant for all observers. Given this is true, how is it possible that you and your friend can see the same event, but it will take you more time to view it?

Physicists discovered that the speed of light is constant for all observers.

The answer is: as your friend’s velocity approaches the speed of light, their time slows down . You can calculate how much time slows as you approach light speed using the Lorentz factor . For example, in the thought experiment above (i.e. 99% the speed of light), 7 seconds of your time would only take 1 second of your friend’s time. This idea, which is one of the most amazing and unintuitive in all of physics, is known as time dilation and comes from Einstein’s theory of special relativity .

as your friend’s velocity approaches the speed of light, their time slows down

I tell you about time dilation and special relativity because they illustrate an important truth about the universe and investor experience… it’s all relative . In the thought experiment above you and your friend experience the same event very differently without noticing it. You both will experience 1 second of time the same way, but what happens in that second is very different. This is just as true in investing where you and I will experience the same market event very differently because of our biases, our personal investment history, and other ideas that have shaped our worldview.


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