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Office Hours:

Schedule Adjustment Period

The Schedule Adjustment period is the first ten business days of classes during the Fall or Spring semester. A similar period of time is designated for Summer and Winter Terms. Check the corresponding nike air max 97 ultra 17 lx
for exact dates.

Drop Policy

Undergraduate students can adjust their schedule (add, drop, etc.) until the close of business on the last day of the Schedule Adjustment Period. After the end of Schedule Adjustment, students are limited to dropping a maximum of 4 credits during the Drop Period. The Drop Period for undergraduate students will begin at the close of the schedule adjustment period and terminate at the end of the tenth week of classes during the Fall and Spring semesters and at a corresponding time for Summer sessions. See Academic Deadlines for end of schedule adjustment and last day to drop dates. A mark of "W" (withdrawal) is recorded for credits dropped during the Drop Period.

Add and Drop Classes

Students can add, drop or change course sections during the schedule adjustment period. Courses added prior to and during the schedule adjustment period will appear on students' permanent records. Courses dropped prior to or during the schedule adjustment period will not appear on the student record, nor will they count towards the number of attempts a student has for any given course.

Notes: During the first ten days of classes students will not be charged to drop and add a course if they are of equal credit value, for example dropping CHEM 678 and adding CHEM 691 (both three credit courses), and if they are processed on the same day. This is considered an even exchange. Remember, to avoid additional charges when dropping and adding, BOTH the drop and the add must be done during the same day. Courses taken at Shady Grove and other campuses are not considered in even exchange calculations.

After the first ten days of classes even exchanges of dropped and added credits will not be accepted. Courses added and dropped after the 10th day of classes will be charged as follows: 0% refund for the drop, and 100% charge per credit for any adds.

Please read the important information on refund and penalty explanations below.

Penalties for Drops During Schedule Adjustment (Refund Schedules)

Photo and accompanying text contributed by Richard Telford

Grace is caring for a little bird that was stunned after flying into a window. Here under the shade of the grape pergola is an opportunity to care for and play with a wild creature. Each year we prune these vines and train them to the pergola wires. We watch them grow and extend their summer shade over the sun facing windows, and we keep an eye on the developing grape harvest.

Photo and accompanying text contributed by David Arnold

Kai, 2½, is delighting in a rare summer storm while his father observes erosion control measures. The chains of ponds observed in some stable streams have been replicated here. Rocks have been laid across this diversion channel to slow the flow and catch sediment, and branches laid across the staggered outflow to spread it across the grassed gentle slope in the background. Kai is playing, and learning without trying.

Photo contributed by nike air force 1 high 40 weißkopfseeadler

Social animals survive and thrive by observing and interacting with each other and their environment. By penning geese with newborn goslings on the lawn in front of the home office we can understand their behaviour and hear any alert calls warning of predators.

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Clare finds a quiet space as she harvests salad for a shared community meal. This is also a time for observation and reflection. Clare helped develop an organic market garden at Northey Street City Farm . Observation and learning from the world around us are really only truly valuable if they “reconnect us to the wonder and mystery of life through practical interaction.” [David Holmgren]

Consider a plant with leaves that, when used as a poultice, has the ability to radically speed up wound healing. When eaten they boost the immune system, while the seed heads produce the digestive aid psyllium husk. Where could we find such a remarkable plant? Often within metres of the back door. It is plantain, a plant we usually dismiss as a ‘weed’. However in Norway it’s known as groblad , and in the Isle of Man as slan lus , both translating as ‘healing herb’.

Photo and accompanying text contributed by Adam Grubb. See The Weed Forager’s Handbook for more.

Net proceeds from the Permaculture Calendar tithed to mens nike air max 2018 elite eight
- supporting permaculture projects internationally

Philly had a good few snows going into the end of 2017, and 2018 is following suit with the latest winter storm (i.e. “bomb cyclone”). And when there’s a snow day, one will travel—with a sled (or trash can lid or box wrapped in a garbage bag).

So we’ve updated our handy-dandy map of the best sledding spots in the city to help you out. (No, there aren’t a ton of hills in Center City, but there are the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the bold dare devils.) Know of another sweet sledding spot that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments.

Is this an entirely safe sledding location? No! Is it fun to sled down the Rocky steps? Yes! The choice is yours, Philadelphia.

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The site of a historic mansion, Burholme Park is also home to a large, well-known hill. It gets crowded, but there’s lots of room.

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If you go behind the Thomas Mansion, you’ll find a slope with a good grade known as Tommy’s Hill.

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The bowl on the south side of Clark Park is perfect for families and sledders who are looking for gentle, but speedy sledding. Even if you don’t have a proper sledding device, chances are you’ll find some abandoned ones lying around.

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Belmont Plateau is worth a visit during any season, but its gentle slope makes it a popular spot for sledding come winter. Plus, the city’s skyline views can’t be beat.

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The Water Tower in Chestnut Hill has lots of different hills, so it’s suitable for different levels of sledding ability.

A post shared by Jen Carmody (@stewmody) on

There are steep hills all around Lemon Hill in East Fairmount Park. The historic Federal-style mansion at the top makes for a nice backdrop.

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There’s a mix of small and steep slopes at this Germantown park, perfect for kids and dare-devils alike.

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TEL Library creates and hosts a large collection of lessons focused on concepts taught in a general education curriculum. TEL Library takes a unique approach to the design and delivery of learning materials. Our content and product design philosophies are shaped, primarily, by our mission to build and support affordable learning solutions for a broad spectrum of users: (1) life learners; (2) working professionals; (3) college students, (4) high school students. TEL Library’s content is differentiated by three distinct factors.

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